Happy Place

Happy Tuesday Lovelies,

This is my Happy Place!

Memorial Day

Quiet Time

Happy Anniversary…

Happy Weekend and 

Happy Anniversary to my beloved Tom.

38 years of wonderfulness and counting…

What are you Afraid of?

Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

Is something causing you to be fearful today?

Take heart my Lovely, Our Lord has a word of encouragement for you

Liquid Rest…

Happy Monday Lovelies,

It’s predicted this week will be one of Liquid Rest…

What’s on your agenda for this week?

Quiet Time

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend Lovelies.

I don’t know who this belongs to, but isn’t this a lovely patio?

Wouldn’t this be a great place to fellowship with family and friends?

If this were your patio, what would you enjoy in this space?

You have the Right

Happy Monday Lovelies,

“People have the right to think and say whatever they want to.
But you have the right not to take it to heart, and not to react.”
                                                                        Phillip McGraw

Happy Mother’s Day