Snow Day Fun

Happy Thursday Lovelies,

I’ll share few pictures from yesterdays snow day.

Today, I’m preparing to speak to the lovelies from Digging Deeper 


airing out our bedroom and bathroom.

I spilled an entire bottle of clove essential oil.

The neighbors must think I’m a bit nuttier than normal as all the windows are open in this 20 degree weather.

Oh well, at least all the germs are gone! Ha Ha

Enjoy your day Lovelies!

Yes… it’s snowing

Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

Our meteorologists predicted  snow for our area and yes… it’s snowing!

Noah is enjoying the snow for sure!

Snowy or not… I hope you take time to celebrate your day!!


Could it Be???

Happy Monday Lovelies,

Our local meteorologists have whispered the “snow” word in the last few days.

Could it Be???

Quiet Time

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend Lovelies,

Quiet Time

We should not be entertained by the sins for which Christ died.
                                                                                                    John F. MacArthur


Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend Lovelies,


Happy New Year!!!

2017 was a year of abundant blessing!

What blessings will you focus on as you bid 2017 good-bye?

Thank you for visiting my site friends, I hope to continue encouraging you in your walk with the Lord and along the path He has already planned for you.

Merry Christmas

The Night…

Happy Christmas Lovelies,

Remembering the Night when LOVE came down to Earth and became our Song of Celebration.