Easy, Breezy Party Planning

Happy Thursday Lovelies,

We’ve been busy getting the house decorated and ready for my annual Ornament Exchange and Food Raising to benefit the Matthews Help Center.

Here are a few tips I’m putting into play this year. Hopefully, they will help keep your entertaining easy and enjoyable.

  1. Prepare as many things (décor and food) as possible in advance.
  2. Set the table the night before If you are hosting a sit down event,.
  3. Use candles in various sizes for an inexpensive and sparkly way to decorate.
  4. Choose an Instrumental music playlist – Song lyrics can stifle and interrupt conversation.
  5. Use white dishware and serving pieces for everyday and fancy entertaining – White dishware lets the food you’ve worked so hard to prepare be the stand out. White dishware also makes for a cohesive decor as you can mix and match all white dishware.

I alway opt for  disposable paper or plastic for this event.

  1. Serve food Buffet style – This makes for a relaxed environment.

I’ll give you a few easy appetizers I’ve used in the past that can all be made in advance and baked off or reheated just before your guests arrive.

Goat Cheese log with Honey add Lemon Curd:

Place a log of goat cheese on a serving platter, drizzle with honey covering the cheese, spoon a layer of Lemon Curd over the honey coated goat cheese.

Serve with Crostini and or your favorite crackers.

Baked Brie:

This recipe skips the puff pastry.

Place a round or triangle slice of Brie on a serving platter.

Add a generous dollop of Pumpkin butter on top of the Brie, add a handful of dried cranberries and chopped pecans.


Substitute the Pumpkin Butter for a generous dollop of Orange marmalade or your favorite jam.

Heat the Brie and toppings in a 350-degree oven or in the microwave until the Brie begins to melt.

Serve with crostini and or crackers.

Meatballs in your favorite sauce:

Purchase ready made frozen meatballs, defrost, add your favorite bar-b-q, marinara, or other sauces you enjoy. Heat and serve in a crockpot or chaffing dish.

 Stuffed dates wrapped in bacon:

Use 2 packages of pitted dates, 1 unsalted almond for each date, 1 small portion of bacon for each date (I cut one pound of sliced bacon into fourths).

Stuff each date with one almond and wrap with a small piece of bacon.

Bake the stuffed & wrapped dates in a 350-degree oven for 15 minutes or until bacon begins to brown.

These can be made days in advance, stored in an airtight container & refrigerated.

Reheat just before your guests arrive.

I hope these will give you a head start on your holiday ebtertaining.




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