Give and Receive

Happy Tuesday Lovelies

Many times when we read this verse, we think in terms of monetary or physical blessings as we give.

I wanted to share my latest experience with this verse.

Many of you know that my car was rear ended by a drunk driver last December and both my car and my back suffered greatly from that collision.

After the police officers completed their investigation, I clearly heard the Lord whisper to my heart “Get out of your car, lay hands on and pray for the man who crashed your car.”

As I prayed, I remember asking the Lord to “provide everything this man needed to heal his life.”

Well friends, yesterday I was able to experience the fruit of that prayer.

We were in court yesterday and the one witness to this wreck once again drove more than an hour to testify on my behalf. Thank you Kathy Spencer for going above and beyond your civic duty. Your selfless gift spoke so loudly to me, the accused and the judge.

When this man’s attorney announced that his client was pleading guilty I heard the Lord remind my heart of this verse.

When the trial was completed I met this man outside the courtroom to shake his hand and to let him know that I continue to pray for him.

After the car crash, this man checked himself into rehab and has been sober since the day of the wreck. He said he is trusting Jesus, reading scripture and praying throughout each day.

I had no idea that giving a little mercy and giving the Gospel to a perfect stranger who had wrecked my car and my back would produce such a precious and life giving return.

What will you give today?


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